Friday, October 23, 2015

Miami Heat's Concessions Are HOT HOT HOT

After years of munching on popcorn and nachos while watching our favorite sports teams live, most people tend to think of stadium cuisine merely as low quality junk food.

This, however, is about to change during this upcoming basketball season, thanks to the recent addition of some of Miami's favorite food joints to the concession stands of the American Airlines Arena, making it possible for basketball fans to cheer for the Heat while also enjoying a great meal.

Earlier this week, I was one of the lucky bloggers that got to taste the dishes that will be offered in this upcoming basketball season, and let me tell you: I was impressed! The food  selection is a great representation of the Miami culinary landscape, bringing in restaurants that foodies have come to love, like Pincho Factory, Little Bread House and Downtown Dogs.

I can talk on and on about the amazing food that is now offered during Heat games, but since pictures speak a thousand words, let's just take a little photo tour of their standout dishes, shall we?

Few food items can better represent Miami than the Cuban Sandwich, which is why it made total sense to bring in Little Bread Co. on board, as their award winning Cuban Sandwich is one of the best in the 305. Stop by their stand to grab one of these bad boys,  together with tostones and a couple of Medianoche Croquettes.

While you are waiting in line for your sandwich at the Little Bread Co. stand, why not add a few croqueticas to your order?

You know the Downtown Dogs guys are doing something right when they get invited to represent their neighborhood at the American Airlines Arena! Their delectable dogs change up according to who the Heat is playing against, which means that next time we play against The Chicago Bulls, you'll get to enjoy a Chicago-style dog. Neat stuff, huh?

Not a bad view of the Miami Heat taking the Washington Wizards during pre-season, at the Dewars's Suite!

Possibly one of the most exciting and recently added dining options at the arena, Pincho Factory features tempting options like the house spiced chicken pinchos, the famous Toston Burget, and sweet potato tots. This local favorite also offers their award winning croqueta burger at every Heat game this season.

Bite sized croqueta burger from Pincho Factory

If you are looking to cheer for the Heat while enjoying a lighter meal, Kone Sushi's rolls are a great option for you! Made fresh right there at the stadium, Kone is offering some of their top selling rolls during Heat games, like the Master Ohata Roll and the Miami Heat Roll. 

Chicken and Waffles is not just a great idea for brunch anymore, as you can get it anytime at the AAA, at the Chicken Ciao stand. Juicy and fried to perfection, this is one of the dishes that you cannot miss at the arena!

Basketball season kicks off October 27th, so next time you are going to a Heat Game to cheer for your favorite team, check out what's hot and new at the concession stand! You will not be disappointed.

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