Thursday, October 29, 2015

Kone Brings Modern, Brazilian Inspired Sushi to Downtown

It is no secret that the highest population of Japanese people outside of Japan lives in Brazil, and for that reason, it makes sense that Brazilians take their fish seriously. 

Brazilian inspired sushi has become a popular trend these days in big cities like Rio and Sao Paulo, and now, with popular restaurants like Sushi Samba and the recently opened Soho Bay, Miami has also officially jumped in. 

If you are one of those peeps that wants to enjoy some "Brazilian Sushi" without breaking the bank, I have just the place for you: Sushi Kone

After sampling some of their sushi at the Heat game last week, I decided to follow up with a date night the following Friday... and here's what went down...

My first surprise visiting Kone was the fact that it was...packed...on a Friday night... in Downtown!

Let me explain: with the high number of office workers in Downtown Miami, most restaurants' busy time peaks during lunch and significantly drops during dinner, regardless of the popularity of the place. However, this was not the case for Kone, which had a fun and lively vibe that night, with almost all its tables busy with locals.

Upon exploring the menu, we first noticed the Brazilian influence in Kone's cocktail selection, featuring drinks like the Sakerinha, a play on the uber popular caipirinha that comes in flavors like strawberry, acai and my favorite, lychee. The rest of the dishes remain for the most part Japanese with the dessert menu reverting back to Brazilian... but more to come on that later!

Things started off with a few of Kone's top selling appetizers: the little shrimp tempurathe crab salad, and the fish carpaccio. All three dishes were nothing short of ah-ma-zing. The rock shirmp was mildly spicy and served hot, and even though I vowed to stay away from the fried stuff that night, once I took a bite I couldn't resist but getting five more of those suckers in my mouth. 

The crab salad was made with shredded snow crab, imitation crab, spicy mayo, avocado and tempura flakes, and it was a delicious and just as addicting starter, as well as the carpaccio, which consists of a mix of tuna, salmon and yellowtail, served with ponzu sauce and truffle oil. 

One thing I always have to get at a sushi restaurant is a hand roll, and when I saw that Kone has a king crab version of it, I just had try it. The thing was huge, much larger than the ones served at other sushi joints, and with the same amount of fish as a regular roll! It was topped with tempura crunchys and large pices of fish, and with abundant avocado in the middle and rice in the back. 

The rolls, of course, are also strong at Kone. We went for their famous Master Ohata, made with shrimp tempura, avocado, cream cheese, and topped with roasted salmon and massago, which was a solid option, as well as the less traditional, riceless roll: the Pure Protein Roll, which was light, tasty, and perfect if you are looking for an option that won't mess up your diet. 

Dessert took us back to Brazil thanks to their sweet waffle cones. Topping options include Doce de Leite, Brigadeiro Fudge and Nutella Prestigio flavors. You can pick just one or all of them, just like we did! 

Kone Sushi is located at 247 SE 1st, Miami FL.


  1. Paulo Marcelo BocatoOctober 30, 2015 at 7:02 AM

    Kone sushi is the Best!!! Highly recommend!!

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  3. Thank you for sharing you experience with us Michelle!! I love it!! It's amazing!!