Sunday, August 9, 2015

New Charcuterie Menu at Edge Steak & Bar

When Edge Steak & Bar's Executive Chef, Aaron Brooks, decided to launch a hand-crafted charcuterie menu, he had two things on his mind: 1) put his expert charcuterie-making skills to good use, and 2) be the first one to offer it in Miami.

Kicked off last week, Edge's new selection of house-made, artisanal charcuterie is inspired by the finest cold cuts from countries like Spain, Italy, France, and Australia. 

Last week, I had a first taste at this fantastic new menu, and made sure to take plenty of notes and pictures to report back to you.

Let me give you a little photo tour...

We kicked off the night with a beautiful platter with no less than eight different cold cuts.

Upon its arrival, I went straight for the Pork & Pistachio Terrine. When Chef Aaron created this dish, he was inspired by an English pork pie, only that he decided to add some pistachios to it, in order to give it some crunch and nutty flavor. I fell in love with the terrine ever since I sampled it at Taste of the Nations, so naturally, I was very excited to have it again in its full-sized glory. To enjoy it, simply serve a little piece of the meat on some toasted bread, top it with butter pickles and you'll be good to go. 
Pork & Pistachio terrine
Another option that is worth trying is the Tasso Spiced Ham, which is pork leg meat that has been brined for hours, smoked and then dusted heavily with spices. The result: a flavorful and moist ham with spicy black edges.

Truffle Stuffed Trotter: pork's foot, with truffles, ground pork and spices
Another absolute must was the Chicken Liver and Foie Gras Pâté. The secret behind this spreadable French appetizer is that the chicken liver is soaked in milk for 24 hours, getting rid of all impurities and giving it an incredibly delicate flavor. I couldn't get my hand off of this one, the mix of flavors is outstanding and totally recommended.

Chicken liver and foie gras pate

Last, but not least, came the sausages, which are also all artisanal and served hot. 

Spanish Morcilla, served with marinated olives
Having Morcilla was a first for me, mainly because of the fear of eating blood sausage that my mom instilled in me as a child. In addition to its scary main ingredient, the morcilla is also made with rice and spices, and it's seared on the grill to give it a slight crunch. This tasted surprisingly good!

If you've always wondered what a traditional North African sausage tastes like, then the Fragrant Meguez is perfect for you. Made with lamb meat, spices, and fresh herbs, this spicy sausage was served with some cool yogurt and was hands down, one of the most interesting and unique dishes of the night for me. 

Edge Steak & Bar's charcuterie menu is available bar-side every day of the week. The restaurant is located at 1435 Brickell Avenue, Miami FL. 

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