Monday, July 27, 2015

New Summer Cocktails at Batch

Blood Orange Margarita (left) & Root Beer Float in the making (right)
Miami is known around the world for two things: it’s beautiful, health-conscious people and its raging nightlife. It takes true genius to find a meeting ground that reconciles these two very different characteristics of the city.  

Enter Batch Gastropub.  

Since arriving on the gourmet scene last year, Batch set out to redefine the sports bar model and up the ante when it comes to a pub-centric cocktail.  By utilizing fresh, seasonal ingredients and creating in-house mixes, guests are guaranteed the “real deal” when they visit this Brickell spot.

This summer, Batch Gastropub is offering cocktails made with natural ingredients made fresh to order, with the health-conscious in mind.  The Sake It To Me is light and simple, made with house coconut-infused sake and muddled cucumber that leave your taste buds feeling refreshed. The Blood Orange Margarita is a no-nonsense cocktail with blood orange and citrus juice, all squeezed on the spot. Instead of using the traditionally pre-made spiced rums, Batch’s sweet and indulgent Root Beer Float is made with their own spiced rum and root beer, a unique treat few others could offer. 

Sake To Me (left) and Root Beer Float (right)

Batch Gastropub’s tap cocktail offerings feature rotating cocktails made with fresh ingredients. They are carefully measured and made with natural juices and top-shelf liquors. They are freshly made every week, to avoid using unnatural additives, and stored in airtight metal kegs. 

The tap cocktails make it easy to indulge in a delicious drink while patting yourself on the back for enjoying yourself and being health-conscious at the same time. Because of their innovative approach to dining and drinking, Batch has positioned itself as the place to try in Brickell’s heavily competitive restaurant scene.   

Batch is located at 30 SW 12th St, Miami, FL 33130

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