Sunday, July 5, 2015

Janette & Co: The Fluffiest Macaroons in Town!

If you've read some of my recent posts, you probably know by now that I may have an affinity for all things French. While French food can do no wrong in my book, I have to admit that there's one food item that I've always had a love-hate relationship with: the macaroon.

These little almond merengue pastries have been haunting me all my life. On one side, they are cute, colorful and delicious. Irresistible, if you will. 

On the other side, after eating them, my stomach always feels tricked, teased. These little things are so small that it takes just one bite for them to be gone. Done. Fini. 

If, like me, you also have mixed feelings about these little pastries, I have just the place for you: Janette & Co

I recently had a chance to try their homemade macaroons at Taste of the Gables, and was so impressed that I decided to pay them a visit at their shop on Miracle Mile.

Yes, the place is adorable, colorful and almost feels like the room of a little kid (which, coincidentally, is exactly how YOU are going to feel, when you see all the bright colored macaroons on display!).

And the macaroons... wow, the macaroons. They are probably the best I've ever had. Let's start off by saying that these are not your average tiny, little dry macaroons. No. These macaroons are robust. They are full bodied, fluffy, and (the best part) moist on the inside, like a little almond cake. 

Flavors from left to right: hazelnut, chocolate passionfruit, and blood orange.
I'm not gonna lie. When eating macaroons for dessert, I normally need at least four or five pieces before feeling satisfied. At this place, two or three will do. 

The best part is that most of their flavors are gluten free, so to a certain extent, you can enjoy them with less guilt than usual. And because they are fresh and homemade, they never skimp on flavor. 

Next time you are on Miracle Mile, stop by this cute little place and treat yourself to some macaroons. Your stomach (and your sweet tooth) will thank you for it!

Janette & Co is located at 208 Miracle Mile, Coral Gables. They also have a location is South Miami, at 5811 Sunset Drive.

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