Thursday, July 16, 2015

A Special Cafecito Break With Ricky Martin and NESCAFÉ

NESCAFÉ Clásico and I go way back. Back to when I used to live in Argentina growing up, during those endless summers in Buenos Aires spent by the pool with my little sister, when I first learned what coffee was all about. I remember, NESCAFÉ Clásico was my first (coffee) love in this sense. Smooth, velvety, and so easy to make, I always looked forward to 3 o’ clock to have cookies and my afternoon cafecito by the pool. 

And of course, there was always some Latin pop music playing in the background! My sister and I, we would make up these elaborate choreographies and practice them over and over on the side of the pool with the music at full blast, to our parents and friend's amusement.

Despite the many years that have gone by since those days in the 90's in Buenos Aires, a lot of that remains. That 3 pm ritual of enjoying a delicious coffee in the company of loved ones and making that a special time of the day... Well, I recently had a chance to participate in a NESCAFÉ event that brought all those memories back to me in a flash. 

This week, the team behind NESCAFÉ had a special event at Bayside Marketplace, that allowed Miamians to cool off with some refreshing ice cold NESCAFÉ Clásico coffee drinks, with the premise of allowing them to take a moment for themselves, a #MomentoNESCAFE. 

Several Latin bloggeras from Miami were invited to participate in this experience, have some fun taking pictures at the NESCAFÉ photo booth and get to know each other through some fun games of NESCAFÉ Clásico bingo!

The afternoon was going great, until we found out that as part of the experience we would have the chance to meet an international celebrity. 

All of a sudden, we were taken to a secluded area, a VIP tent where the famous star would make his or her appearance. Suddenly, a familiar voice was heard from the back of the room, and out of the door walked out no less than my childhood idol, Ricky Martin! 

My legs were shaking. I couldn't speak, and couldn't believe my eyes. Ricky took some time to chat with us and even take some selfies, making this a truly memorable moment... a NESCAFÉ moment

We later found out that he had spent the afternoon in this secret tent just a few feet away from us, surprising passersby that were willing to take a moment to enjoy a NESCAFÉ Clásico with a "stranger". Only that the stranger was not such a stranger after all! At least in my case, this was my childhood idol, whose song I grew up listening (and dancing) to in Buenos Aires, and whose concert I had recently attended right here in Miami Beach!

I don't know if the people from NESCAFÉ are mind readers, or if this was all just a mere coincidence, but they couldn't have picked a more perfect combination to create a memorable experience for me. The coffee that I grew up with and that I still enjoy, plus my childhood idol, whose music I still listen to, wrapped together in one unforgettable moment. 

All I can say is... Gracias NESCAFÉ Clásico! Y que se repita! :)