Tuesday, March 24, 2015

New Restaurant Opening: Piripi in Merrick Park

Piripi, the highly anticipated new Coral Gables restaurant helmed by Moroccan-Basque chef, Najat Kaanache has finally opened this week at the Village of Merrick Park! Chef Najat, the first and only female Basque chef in South Florida, will be serving up authentic Spanish and Basque dishes, melding her culinary experience with the rustic flavors and fragrant spices from the Spanish countryside. 

The restaurant is named after the Spanish slang word Piripi, which means “happy” or “tipsy”, and echoes this sentiment throughout – from the witty and whimsical menu to the moving glass floor to ceiling doors that blur the lines between inside and out. 

Photo Caption: Chef Najat Kaanache / Pulpo Paul, slow cooked octopus with peasant potatoes

Guests can look forward to Piripikoteos – Piripi’s take on small bites, derived from the Basque word Picoteo which means to snack. Whether it be Patatas Soufflé, light-as-air potatoes and a spicy brava sauce; “Navajas con Horchata, razor clams, cilantro and tiger nut milk or Crema Mejillon Cronuts, “croquettes” of shrimp and mussels, there’s a perfect snack to delight any taste bud. The menu features main plates from the sea such as “Pulpo Paul, slow-cooked octopus and peasant potatoes, or Gambas del Paraiso, gigantic head-on prawns cooked traditionally a la plancha with sliced garlic. 

A plentiful selection of rice dishes grace the menu, ranging from Conejo y Pollo, with wild rabbit and chicken to Negre De Txipiron, with calamari and squid ink. To end the meal on a sweet note, irresistible desserts range from Crema Catafrita, melt in the mouth fried crema Catalana to Torrijas Vasco Frances, a Basque take on torrejos, in addition to Chuches, homemade Spanish candies, and house-churned helados. 

Piripi320 San LorenzoCoral Gables.

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  1. Thanks for the heads-up. Just when you think you've seen all types of dish, so see these new things to try. That being said, that octopus and potatoes dish looks strange, seems but delicious! I would really love to try that out as soon as I get to visit Merrick Park.

    Brian Carter @ Restaurant Business Broker

    1. Thanks for your comment, Brian! That octopus is definitely worth trying. I always say that you can judge a restaurant by its octopus, as it is quite a challenging dish to master. ;) This place definitely passes the test!