Sunday, March 29, 2015

Three Questions with chef Scott Conant of Corsair

Chef Scott Conant and your humble narrator, at Corsair
For the past months, much has been said about Corsair, the new Mediterranean restaurant at the Turnberry Isle. From being named among the top 10 hottest new restaurants in Miami, to being crowned one of the city's best pasta makers, it's clear that the media loves the place. 

But what better way to learn about a restaurant than from the chef himself? Last week, I caught up with celebrity chef Scott Conant to ask him the three most important things to know about Corsair... and this is what he had to say:

1) What was your inspiration for opening Corsair? 
Pretty simple. A lot of the design elements were already in place when I was brought in, so I tied the ideation of the food into the concept of the restaurant design wise, which is rustic and refined at the same time. It reminded me of a Mediterranean farmhouse,  a place that is elegant but casual enough for people to feel confortable in, and the menu takes out a lot of those expressions. 

2) What are the top three dishes you would recommend when dining at Corsair?
My favorite one is the deconstructed lasagna, made with short-rib and taleggio fonduta. The roasted chicken is also very good and it's served with polenta, parsnips, hazelnuts and fegato sauce. The gnocchi with pomodoro is another dish that I love. It's simple and straight forward, but very tasty.

3) Why is this restaurant a good fit for Miami?
Miamians like Corsair because our menu is health conscious yet full flavored, allowing them to indulge without the guilt. Also, the place is gorgeous and overlooks the legendary Miller golf course, one of Florida's most stunning courses. And that's all you need, really. A beautiful, simple place, with full flavored, well executed food. Period. 

Scenes from Corsair's dining room
Behold, the impressive wine cellar, situated right at the entrance of the restaurant!
Absolute must-try cocktails: The Concord Express (gin, grapes, st. germaine and pinot noir) and the Signature Pineapple Spice (tequila, jalapeƱo, blueberry and pepper) 
Some bite sized dishes I've tried (and loved): the scallop crudo with blood orange and pickled hot peppers
Short rib bruschetta
My fave: creamy polenta with sausage and mushroom ragu

Corsair: 19999 West Country Club Dr., Aventura

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  1. Awesome post!! Really you have shared very informative information for food lovers. Well, I am thinking to open my own restaurant in San Francisco. Before that, I want to get some information on San Francisco restaurants and its market. Can you share any information on this?

  2. Hi Steve! I've actually never been to San Fran, so I don't really know all that much about the restaurant industry there... if you have any questions about Miami, though, I'm your girl :)