Thursday, January 8, 2015

5 Things to Love About Proof Pizza & Pasta

It s no secret that I have a weakness for Italian food. From pasta to pizza, and wine to desserts, Italy is synonymous with great food. For that reason, I never turn down an offer to try a new restaurant from this country. I recently had the chance to visit Proof, the latest dining addition to the Midtown/Wynwood area, which specializes in Neapolitan style pizza. Boy, was I impressed! One thing is to hear all the praise from your friends, but a whole other one is to try it for yourself, and below, I include my top 5 reasons why you should experience as well soon:

1) They make their own DUCK PROSCIUTO... and its awesome!

Yes, you read that right. Duck. Prosciuto. Served beautifully over a warm farro salad that is oh-so-incredibly soft... until you catch one of the little pomegranate seeds mixed with it, adding a delicious burst of juice to the experience. Simply a great way to start your dinner at this place.

Warm farro salad with duck prosciutto, pomegranate and pistachio.
2) They have a great selection of local, craft beers.

In addition to a nice list of delicious yet affordable wine options, Proof also offers several local craft beers to choose from, all served on draft. This means that the beer is fresh and tastes way better than your same old, go-to mass produced kind. My fave? The Funky Buddah Floridian Hefeweizen, a fruity and refreshing belgian white beer that just goes down smoothly and pairs harmoniously with your meal. Even my beer-hating boyfriend loved it!

Craft beer: Funky Buddha Floridian Hefeweizen .
3) Their pasta is homemade and incredibly fresh. 

You can't go wrong with homemade pasta, and this place proves it. From chestnut stuffed agnolotti, to pappardelle with roasted mushrooms, the menu offers many mouth watering options to pick from. And the taste is a whole other story. The angel hair crab pasta is a crowd pleaser, served al dente with minced crab, lemon breadcrumbs, and a slight kick of chili. Very recommended. My only warning is that the portions are not exactly big, but they are mostly fine for one person if you are also sharing an appetizer.

Angel hair pasta with crab, calabrian chili and lemon breadcrumbs.
4) Their authentic Napolitan pizza is made in a wood oven!

I never understood those people that leave the crust behind when eating pizza. You are wasting the best part, people!! Never is this more true than when having Neapolitan pizza, and Proof makes it's city proud by making it just right: thin in the middle and slightly thicker on the edges. Honestly, even though the ingredients on top where great (cheese, cheese and more cheese), the dough stole the show. This is thanks to the fact that its made with the highest quality Caputo 00 flour and cooked at 900 degrees in an enormous wood oven, which is key in making the pizza perfect.

Their enormous wood oven makes perfect pizza every time.
White pizza: white mozzarella, ricotta and parmesan.
5) Their desserts are worth saving space for!

Even though the place is known for its macaroon ice cream sandwich, I decided to go for something more traditional: their dark chocolate cake, which is incredibly tasty and much lighter than it looks, practically melting in your mouth. The homemade espresso cream on top is worth savoring on its own, as well as the sweet caramel drizzle on top. YUM. Its so light, you can definitely go for a second dessert! 

Dark chocolate cake, espresso whipped cream, salted caramel, amaretto cookie crumble.
Proof Pizza & Pasta3328 North Miami Avenue, Miami, FL 33127

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