Thursday, December 25, 2014

Miami Mich Review: Wynwood Kitchen & Bar

It is true that you never forget your first love. In my case, one of the reasons I fell in love with Wynwood back in 2010 was WKB (Wynwood Kitchen & Bar), the first restaurant I ever tried at what was then Miami’s new up and coming artsy neighborhood.

I still remember my first night there, and how my initial nerves of visiting what was once a desolate warehouse district immediately dissolved upon walking into WKB and seeing the cool murals, the ambiance, and the inventive menu. For the past four years I have frequented this place quite a bit, watching it grow, evolve and become a Wynwood destination, not only for Chef Miguel Aguilar’s inventive Latin inspired tapas, but also, for its colorful murals by world renowned artists like Shepard Fairey.

Return to a favorite
Just like with any relationship, though, sometimes you have to spice things up in order to keep them interesting. For that reason, I was delighted when I got invited to try the new items in their fall/winter menu, and enjoy again some of the classic dishes that we have all come to love at WKB.

Below, I broke down for you my go-to dishes as well as the new additions to the menu.

WKB Classics
One of my all time favorites are the ropa vieja empanadas, fried little dow pockets filled with pulled spiced chicken and served with a fresh cilantro dipping sauce. My mouth waters just by thinking about them!

Tequeño and ropa vieja empanada
The tequeños, strips of queso fresco wrapped in empanada dow, are another definite must. While this latin comfort food is usually enjoyed best standing at gas stations at 4 am after several drinks, WKB’s gives it an interesting twist by using top notch ingredients and by serving it with a garlic crema dipping sauce, which makes the back of your tongue tingle with delight. Hot, crunchy and cheesy, I’d have 10 of these in a row if I could!

What’s New (my two faves)
The tuna tartare, a Miami favorite, is always a good idea, and WKB makes it an exciting one by pairing it with avocado crème, cucumber, dijon soy, micro basil, and toping it with crunchy peanuts. Tip: even though the dish looks beautiful deconstructed, try mixing it all together for heightened flavor.
    For meat lovers, the vaca frita is the dish for you. The juicy and tender meat is perfectly paired with classic Latin side dishes black bean puree and yuca frita. The yuca tastes like a dream and is perfectly cooked: slightly crunchy on the outside and completely creamy on the inside, not an easy feat given yuca’s fibrous natural texture. Very impressive!

    Of course, a visit to WKB is not the same without having their decadent desserts! Though I love them all, if I had to chose a favorite it would be the coconut upside down cake, which is drizzled with caramel sauce and feels like a little sugar and coconut explosion in your mouth. Yum!

    Just like in past dining experiences, WKB didn’t disappoint. It is always a pleasure to see Chef Miguel Aguilar in action, as he brings new interesting spins to Latin classics, with delicious and impeccably presented results. I definitely recommend you to re discover this place and their new menu additions for the Fall and Winter seasons. Thumbs up!

    Outstanding dessert trio: chocolate flan, wonton ice cream and upside down pineapple cake.

    Wynwood Kitchen & Bar (WKB): 2550 NW 2nd Ave, Miami FL.
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