Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Miami Mich Review: Mignonette

Last weekend I finally got to try Mignonette, the new oyster bar in Edgewater that has practically been the talk of the town, or well, Twitter, for the past few months. The restaurant is owned by one of the master minds behind Blue Collar, another Miami favorite, and specializes in oysters, as the name implies. These are sourced from the East and West Coast and proudly featured in a massive marquee smack on top of the kitchen area.

Movie Theatre Marquee sign featuring the oysters of the day
I had the chance to try Mignonette with a group of friends, and after the meal was over our opinion about it was unanimous: the restaurant is great and worth coming back for, but you must know what to order, as some of the dishes are weaker than the rest.

The main issue, I think, were the appetizers. Take the Clams Casino, for example. Despite the meatiness and freshness of the clams, the butter and bacon sauce they were served in totally overpowered the flavor of the fish. I’m not saying it wasn’t good. It was. But it tasted like… bacon. Not like clams. A similar thing happened with the Lobster Deviled Eggs. The mountain of mayo completely took over the dish and made it difficult to appreciate the lobster chunks on top. Again, not bad, only that it tasted mostly like a regular deviled egg. On the bright side, the conch popcorn was pretty good, definitely the best of the appetizers, and paired well with the aioli sauce it's served with.

Lobster Deviled Eggs: OK taste, but don't see the point if you can barely taste the lobster.
Popcorn Conch appetizer: delicious, especially when paired with the aioli sauce.
Once we moved on to the star of the night, the oysters, things improved. We started out with a mix of both coasts, the Royal Miyagi, Effingham and Beausoleil oysters, which were served in a circular metal plate filled with ice, and with the requisite cocktail and mignonette sauces on the side (though personally, I like to have them on their own!). The plate comes with a little yellow paper slip with the names of the oysters in clockwise order, which comes in handy as it can sometimes be a little tricky to tell them apart. All of them were fresh, plump, and pretty reasonably priced at $3.00 a pop.

Another favorite of the night were the grilled South African lobster tails, which were incredibly sweet, juicy and probably one of the best lobsters I’ve ever had. You could taste the grill in them, and surprisingly, they did not get dry in the cooking process. How do they do it?! I would come back for them over and over again, and for just $29, they were very well priced. The scallops were another great choice, perfectly tender, just the right size and served with a side of mushrooms that complemented the fish nicely.

To conclude, when it comes to Mignonette, my recommendation is: stick to the oysters and their more simple dishes, and your experience will most likely be great. Their seafood, as well as their service, is fantastic and the ambiance is fun and friendly. Just like with many other restaurants in Miami, it’s all about choosing the right dishes. Go by my picture guide in this post, and you’ll be ok! ;)

My favorite: The Royal Miyagi oysters. You must love oysters to enjoy these, as they are quite large!
One of the night's favorites: Scallops with mushrooms.
South African Lobster Tails with grilled cauliflower. A must try!
The chocolate & pumpkin pie. Half baked crust, OK tasting filling. Not a big fan, despite the nice presentation.
Brownie with cayenne pepper. Not the best I've ever had, but probably their best dessert from the menu.

Mignonette: 210 NE 18th st, Miami, FL 33132

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