Sunday, July 27, 2014

Miami Spice Sneak Peek at Toro Toro

We all know a person who is just lucky. You know, that guy or girl who always ends up winning all contests, raffles or sweepstakes that they participate in. Well, I have never been one of those lucky folks. I can confidently say that I have never really won anything, except for a coloring competition that I participated in when I was a kid, and guess what, I got 2nd place. For this reason, I was ecstatic when I got a glorious email from the Miami New Times informing me that I had won not one, but two tickets to their Iron Fork and Miami Spice Pop Up Party at Toro Toro. 

First and foremost, let me start by saying that this was my first time at Toro Toro. Even though I had heard good things about the InterContinental hotel's Pan-Latin restaurant, I have to admit that I was initially a bit skeptical given that it's literally located in the lobby of the hotel. This, according to my idol, Anthony Bourdain, is a huge no-no for any self-proclaimed, adventurous food lover. But hey, since I had heard good things about it and I got the tickets for free, I figured I wouldn't lose anything by trying it!

I am happy to report back that I was pleasantly surprised by Toro Toro. My experience there was quite lovely, and even though it is located in the corner of the lobby, once you walk past the bar and into their dining room this all changes thanks to the elegant, yet unfussy ambiance of the place.

The event that I attended was a preview of Toro Toro's Miami Spice Menu, which becomes available to the public on August 1st and is very reasonably priced at $39 per person given the amount and quality of the food.  

The experience started with some warm and delicious pan de bono, a very traditional Colombian cheese bread, followed by the very savory swordfish dip, made with creamy aioli and pickled chillies and served with crunchy plantains chips. Up next, we tried the corn empanadas, and the chicharron de camarones, a dish that consists of crispy shrimp covered in spicy aji amarillo. Both were both good!

Swordfish Dip with Plantain Chips.
Even though I enjoyed all the dishes that were served that night, I have to say, that hands down, my favorite item in the menu was their signature dessert "La Bomba". If I had to choose a word to describe it, it would be WOW! La Bomba is a gorgeous hand-made chocolate bowl filled with ice cream, fresh berries, and cookie crumbs, covered in caramel and berry sauces, all dropped like a "bomba" right onto your table top (which is previously covered by a plastic sheet). La Bomba is not only beautiful and fun to eat, it is also SCRUMPTIOUS, and enormous. We shared it among four people and could not even finish it, and trust me, we tried! 

La Bomba
All in all, I would say that Toro Toro has definitely proved me wrong and surprised me in more than one way, especially with their amazing dessert. The Miami Spice menu is quite generous and a great deal, but, if I were you, I would definitely not wait for the promotion to start in order to try La Bomba. It is definitely a new addition to my top dessert choices in Miami!


Miami Mich

Choclo Empanadas with Chimichurri Sauce.
Chicharron de Camarones.
Churrasco Tasting: picanha steak, lamb chop, chorizo and achiote chicken.
Mac & Cheese.
Toro Toro: InterContinental Miami, 100 Chopin Plaza, Miami FL, 33131

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  1. This place looks amazing :D!!!!! What exactly is La Bomba?!!! It looks ridiculous :)