Saturday, July 12, 2014

Zak the Baker: Finally, a Great Bakery in Wynwood!

For most health conscious Miamians, few things are more typical than going for a run on the beach on a Saturday morning.  My case is a bit different, as my weekend run usually consists of a race against time to make it to Panther Coffee and get my hands on one of my favorite treats: a veggie sandwich from Zak the Baker. And when I say "run", I mean run. These sandwiches are so coveted that they disappear from the coffee house in just a matter of hours. Heck, usually by noon (aka perfect sandwich time) they are all gone! 

For those of you who, like me, have fallen in love with these sandwiches and made them a part of your weekend routine, I have good news: Zak the Baker just opened his own bakery, smack in the middle of Wynwood!  

Even though the bakery has been open for over a month, I just got a chance to check it out this morning (shame on me), and I was lucky enough to meet the man himself. His story, recently featured in the Miami New Times, is a definite must read for any self-respecting Miami foodie. 

Paradise Farm Honey Butter Toast / Fontina & Cheddar Pimento, Pickled Relish Toast
Today, this talented man brought much happiness to my day through his scrumptious apple cobbler and butter honey toast. One thing that you must know about Zak the Baker is that all his food is vegetarian, kosher, and made with the freshest ingredients. And yes, I know what you are thinking, fellow carnivores: what, no meat?! 

I was a bit concerned about this myself, but trust me, once you take a bite out one of their toasts, sandwiches or quiches, you will just know in your heart that you've made the right breakfast decision. The butter honey toast just melts in your mouth, and the oh-so-fresh bread is like no other in Miami... you just have to try it to understand. It's that simple.

Chocolate chip cookie & apple cobbler... both divine
Surprisingly, the bakery offers plenty of seats, and even though I was already late to work and planning to have my toast to go, I decided to take a few moments to sit down and actually enjoy it. Because let's face it: even for those of us who are always on the run, there's really no better way to start the day than by actually slowing down and taking the time to have a delicious breakfast.

Miami Mich

Zak the Baker, 405 NW 26 St. Miami, FL 33127
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