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An Espresso Lover's Heaven (aka: Panther Coffee)

Capuccino + True Loaf Almond Croissant
Hello. My name is Mich, and I’m a coffee addict. And that is not all. I am also, and I hate to admit this, a bit of a coffee snob, always wrinkling my nose in disdain at mainstream  places like Dunkin Donuts, McDonalds, and even - gasp- Starbucks. Fortunately, Miami offers many great options when it comes to java thanks to the ubiquitous Cuban “ventanitas” that serve sweet and hot cortaditos and coladas in practically every corner. However, when I am in the mood for a more traditional, real cup of espresso, my choice is always Panther Coffee.

What exactly makes Panther Coffee so special? For starters, their coffee grains, which come from carefully selected farms from all around the world, are always roasted in a vintage roaster on site. This makes an enormous difference in the quality and taste of their drinks. One of my faves happens to be the classic cappuccino, which is incredibly strong yet smooth at the same time (no bitter taste) and always comes with Instagram-worthy latte art on top.

However, during the summer months my go-to drink is the cold brew, which is brewed overnight and then served over ice with, in my case, lots of milk. Just as their cappuccino, the flavor is strong, with delicious notes of chocolate which make it nearly impossible for me to drink slowly. I always want to have it all in one gulp! However, its high caffeine content makes it very dangerous for hyper types like yours truly, so be careful not to fall in the temptation of ordering another one right away! Unless you are one of those people that's immune to caffeine, in that case, knock yourself out!

Cold Brew + Spinach Ricotta Empanada
One thing that makes Panther Coffee stand out from the rest in addition to their coffee is the scene, which varies according to the location. 

The Wynwood location, the original one, has already become a neighborhood institution and an iconic meeting place for hipsters and artsy types alike. I personally love going there on weekends and pretend I’m a photographer or some kind of artist, while I sip my drink and enjoy the people watching. 

Both the crowd and the vibe of the South Beach location are quite different than its Wynwood counterpart. This one, located in the trendy Sunset Harbour area, is surrounded by gyms and fancy yoga studios, providing another type of people watching: beautiful SoBe types prancing around in Lululemon after their workouts, with perfect hair and make-up (how do they do it??!!). Despite of what having coffee at this location might do to your self-esteem, the great thing about it is that it offers plenty of seating space and is ideal for those people who, like me, can’t study or work at home and need a hideaway place to concentrate. 

Lastly, the great news about Panther Coffee is that they are expanding to three new locations in the Grove, MiMo District and Little Haiti! No matter where you live in Miami, very soon you will most likely have a Panther Coffee nearby. And, if you are coffee lover, that is a beautiful thing!

Miami Mich

Panther Coffee Wynwood: 2390 NW 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33127
Panther Coffee Sunset Harbor: 1875 Purdy Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Sunset Harbor Location

Wynwood Location

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